Samrat Ashoka

Rulers come and go but there are few who just never go.Live among us. Samprat Ashok was phenomenon.

With India Ashok is there till eternity.

Ashok means painless, without sorrow.He was called the wild Prince.ashok samrat history

He was refused by Aradi(daughter of rich minster),who told him that he is ugly,while Sumana(Ashok's borther)though weak, was supposedly the crown prince.Ashoka felt though insulted,let Aradi go.

Human power is based on Maya.The human beings found his existence on selfishness thus on Maya.

As wild Prince,Ashok stood on top of the mountain,with clouds thundering,rain pouring looking at the sky.

Ashoka stood on the top of the mountain,did not move,motionless,his "mind's I " penetrating through the wall of rain and lightning.

He who like a good rider does his stead,Leads the people with as if with reins,steadfast of heart,yet quickest of the quick. The storm abated.

Ashoka pillar- The most celebrated capital (the four-lion one at Sarnath (Uttar Pradesh)) erected by Emperor Ashoka circa 250 BC. also called the "Ashoka Column" . Four lions are seated back to back. At present the Column remains in the same place whereas the Lion Capital is at the Sarnath Museum. This Lion Capital of Ashoka from Sarnath has been adopted as the National Emblem of India and the wheel "Ashoka Chakra" from its base was placed onto the centre of the flag of India.

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