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Prince Henry, The Navigator.

When we talk about past or history we glorify conquests and praise spread of religion.It boils to our desires/sense of achievement.

Europe, by the end of dark ages was bubbling with life,population explosion and ambition,as for some(even now) waging wars was another way to earn money,burn money and play with emotions for personal benefit.

It was 1415, Henry the 3rd in line to Newly gained Independent Portugal(which is 36 times smaller than India),embarked on the mission to conquer Cueta. He was young, brash and full of energy and had 19K soldiers with him.

The entire battle lasted 13 hours,with heavy casualties for Cueta defenders,but only 8 Portuguese lost their lives.

The military conquest of Cueta,started the expansion of maritime empire.

It shows that a small nation of even 2 million, could be a world power.Now, Europeans explored Asia and Americas.

It lay the ground work for HOW we see the "World Today".

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