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The Invasion that never

Since our school days we have been taught about "Aryan Invasion theory".Deep within me though, I never felt at ease with Aryan Invasion theory(though would always read, otherwise).

Eleven years back, read books on Clash of civilization+ Aryan Invasion Theory( I think it was year 2005,this was when I read a book from Tariq Ali, as well).

Couple of years ago, a friend gave me a book to read on Saraswati Valley Civilization and then my subconscious or we can give any name - made me go back to times,when as a child, I would witness my Grandfather and extended family members, debate and share.

What's BEEEN TAUGHT AND continued to being taught is- "1500 yrs before the Christian Era,hordes of semi- barbarian,Sanskrit speaking nomads", the "Aryans" poured from central Asia and came across Harappan civilization.

The invading 'Aryans' destroyed this civilization and pushed the Dravidians south and then sometime later, "since they were so smart", composed most Vedas, got Sankrit to spread over and built mighty Ganges Civilization.Wow what a smart race of barbarians !!(though all the other invasions eg Huns,turks,Arabs, Mongols etc,just could n't adopt and change,they still cannot).

It is like roots of India's civilization and culture will always be from central Asia just like species remained forbidden to evolve after Darwin.

After battle of Plassey- Bengal plunder began to arrive in London.Industrial revolution started from 1760s!

Rig Veda made it clear that the wars between Aryans and Dasyus were battles between powers of light and darkness,that the word Aryan was used in the Veda to describe not a racial group but a quality of being and a culture,a dedication to the truth- all this was not taken into consideration.

From the end of 18th century english translations of the Hindu scriptures, after initial admiration turned really critical in the 19th century.

Celebrated Max Muller- research was commissioned and generously paid for the East India company after he was engaged by macaulay.

Translation of Vedas by the likes of Max Muller,Monier williams ,Griffith was mostly funny.Yet, these translations were regarded as monuments of scholarship.

The Aryan Invasion Theory- Britishers became aware of the benefit they would derive from it to buttress their rule.

It was effective not only in cutting down the India's pride in his past and nation,but also in sharpening the divisions of Hindu Society and exacerbating caste conflicts so as to give fresh legitimacy and intensity its effort at conversion.

Scholars and ....not content with sowing division between races,declared Brahmins to the "pure descendants of the Aryan invaders,"who created the caste system to perpetuate their supremacy over the native inhabitants.

It followed that the lower castes and the dravidians both victims of the Aryan oppressors were to be encouraged to rebel and reject every Aryan import(John Wilson- who was he).

India is still home today to the only ancient culture to have survived the onslaught - all others have disappeared under the sand of time.

Unfortunately,many wounds of this Aryan invasion theory are still open nurtured by X,Historians and politicians,who together have made sure that divisions between caste have been sharpening rather than subside.

Some prominent people eg Swami VIvekanada,BR Ambedkar,Sri aurobindo, questioned this theory also questioned us for aping West.

Extract inspired and shared from -THe Invasion That Never Was.

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