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As children some of us would have read stories of King Soloman and mines.I too,was fascinated by the character Solomon,andthe treasure hunts.

King Solomon who ruled Jerusalem was the son of "David".(remember David and Goliath)Their rule extended from Egypt to Babylon till Yemen.

Having read an interesting chapter on Jerusalem,realized that King Solomon did indeed have mines of his own.(albeit, copper mines).So if you were a treasure seeker or hunter, you would now know that there would be no gold, silver or rubies but copper.

Another startling fact relating to King David(considered to be the most respected of all Jewish Kings).One evening David was relaxing on the roof of his palace and saw a beautiful woman washing herself.(Bathsheba)

David Bathsheba

How the men look at women

He summoned her to his palace and made love with her.When she became pregnant he asked her husband to own the child,who at that time was in David’s army.But when the husband refused to obey him, David got him killed by his own men,making it look like a warrior killed in the battle.(So even during those days,we had extra judicial killings, but with no human rights activists)

A similar story in India had our own David in the form of God Indra,who made love with Ahalya.

King Solomon was the son of King David and his wife Bathsheba.

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