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Pocket dynamo guys that’s how we can describe this conqueror/mass murderer or thief from Samarkand(no offense to him or those who love him).He started as a small time thief and continued it for long(1370-1405).

His war cry was “Give me Blood and I will get you Booty”.

Of what I read of him(Justin Marozzi, Sword of Islam,Conqueror of the world)he was the bravest general,and would lead from front.

He married a girl with Changez Khan’s lineage to get legitimacy of his conquests.His basic strategy to engage his people would always be to ask his fellow men to be with him on new conquests every season(like Siberian cranes travelling different parts of globe every season) and come back to Samarkand, with all the war booty andriches. He made Samarkand the most envious of all capitals and in modern language , invested heavily in the city.

He was one Muslim ruler Timur the Lame whose rule spread from Turkey-Jerusalem-India-Samarkand - Moscow.He was lame and always fought bravely.

Timur came to India, and massacred citizens of Delhi.More than 10 million, were put to death during his India campaign, from Punjab-Sindh-Delhi-all the way to Jammu.

Imagine yourself, sitting at home,admiring your hard work and lush green fields, looking forward for a great harvest, suddenly this mass murderer comes with his troops comprising of hungry serial killers & rapists.What trauma would have unfolded on the subcontinent.

So we mean to say that in India( Ruler of Delhi and northern India, including Punjab and the rest were defeated by a King who was five foot and 5 inches tall, was crippled from one leg, did not have two fingers and if fallen from a horse,could not even run for his cover( off course why would he need to run for it when he remained undefeated).

Well, a lot can be said about our capital,Delhi.It has always been owner’s pride and neighbor’s envy.Had Invaders from Muhammad Ghori to Nader Shah ( for the time being only including Muslim invaders and not Huns etc) desire for it.(Am I being partial, may be)

Conquering Delhi would catapult a warrior into Great. In fact we too from Meerut always thought of Delhi to be an aspirational city,a city which could make our materialistic dreams come true, hehe).No matter how many times Delhi was destroyed,it always came back more bigger,stronger and rich every time it was plundered.(Rocky Balbao of cities)



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