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Love-Sex & Dhoka-Shah Jahan-Aurangzeb

Shah Jahan the king with taste

We all know that Shah Jahan built Taj Mahal and red fort of Agra,however there are some more interesting tell tales of his reign that I would like to share.Mughals would not marry their daughters.

This was a policy introduced by Akbar to avoid less conflicts for the throne.Shah Jahan had 3 daughters and 4 sons.

Shah Jahan like earlier Mughal rulers had a very active sex life,infact,even after Mumtaz died,he continued to have sex with multiple partners every day,at times with wives of his officials.

According to Niccolao Manucci,Shah Jahan died because of Urinary disorder by the over doses of aphrodisiacs,which was taken to increase sexual desires.

Having read from lot of sources, it seems Shah Jahan imposed Sharia Law, back in the country,also restricted the restoration of temples and churches.(though he was born from a Rajput mother).

But don't think he was a religious zealot.

His greatest fear of brothers killing their own brothers came true.

He himself, had to kill his half brothers.

So, when his own sons fought,he as a father must have felt the pain. Off course, the severed head of Dara Shikoh was presented to him, by Aurangzeb.In my view,this disease of killing once own blood is not only with Mughals.

I think if you are in power and would want to to have power,being a ruler is such a big high that you might in fact go ahead and do it.From Mahabharata times,we have known that brothers can become your enemies.

Off-course,once own blood is not easy,however how can we forget King Ashoka, one of the greatest ruler India ever produced,who also had to fight a battle of succession.

If you are in the business of killing,I think after sometime once own blood does not matter much,but what matters is your legacy and the name of your lineage.

The instance where Shah Jahan, would have sex with the wives of his nobles, makes me wonder,what kind of life these rulers and its people were leading.All too powerful.Would say Sex and violence were the stories of all Mughal Rulers.Their lives are typical pot boilers.

Aurangzeb killed his two brothers(he chased off his third Shah Shuja),Murad was actually sentenced to death for killing his own Wazir,while off course Dara Shikoh was killed as a rival to his throne.

Dara' elder son Suleiman was also sent to prison with daily dose of pousta(pousta is a drink made of poppy heads crushed and soaked in water for a nightA large cup of this beverage was brought to them early morning and thye were not given anything to eat until it was swallowed,which first turned him into a zombie then later killed him.

Been inspired by Alex Rutherford,Jadunath Sarkar and few others.

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