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Jodha Akbar


Jodha Akbar

History is full of surprises (if you haven't followed it).

I stumbled upon an interesting chapter on Akbar's personal life .What I have read says that Akbar's(Great Mughal emperor) first wife was Hira bai and not Jodha bai.

Infact, Jodha was wife of Salim(Jahangir).It does seem to be logical, since a lady from Jodhpur has to be Jodha bai, and Akbar married the sister of Raja of Jaipur.

It appears marriages took place because Akbar was doing philanthropy (sarcasm), and believed in having wives from all religions.He found perfect forced conduits for it .

My family members had taken to liking : Jodha-Akbar movie of Ashutosh Gowaritkar.

Unfortunately for most of us ,the only source of History is either watch TV serials/youtube videos or a period film( all of them have been made around love story,which is still a rarity in current times). And even if we make a period film we tend to weave the story around a boy and a girl concept and rest of the events in the movie only cater to complete their story(Bajirao Mastani,mughal e azam)

I wonder who watches these kind of films.(boys and girls from schools ,colleges or some harmone and crazy entertainment hungry viewers).

Hopefully all this will change as country's men & women will evolve and develop the habit of reading, investigating and finding the other side of story, which will force movie makers to be more logical(they will put more research in their work) and less distorted versions of history.

I think there are infinite number of stories from India's past waiting to come alive on India Cinema.

Please note: Information has been picked up from the book Empire of the world written by Alexrutherford (Diana and Preston)

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